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Welcome to the Collab Club!

Ever sketch something - or even get as far as linearting - then feel like you just don' t wanna work anymore? Yeah, we're all lazy like that. So why not make other people do all the work?

The Collab Club allows people to post their works in progress - sketches or linearts - in hopes that another member may just be bored enough to finish it up for them.

Things you should know :

~ Obviously, only post things that you are allowing other people to work with.
~ As said before, sketches and linearts are allowed. Base collabs or project collabs are allowed as well.
~ Please do not submit just your part of a base/doll collab. Submit the whole thing. A single doll does not count as a collab. If you notice one of your submissions removed from the group, it's probably because of this.
~ Also, please only submit base collabs that are open for everyone.
~ To those that do complete someone else's work, please make sure you credit them in the artist's comments, and post a link to their WIP deviation.
~ If you're big on posting a lot of sketches and linearts, at least try a couple times to maybe finish a collab for someone else. Return the favor, y'know? It's fun. c:
~ You may submit collabs from outside of the club, but try to stick to working with stuff from our gallery, mainly, 'kay~?
~ Mature content sketches/linearts are allowed, just make sure to label them as mature, obviously.
~ Please try to submit art to correct folder. If you have questions on where to post, please dont hesitate to ask.
~ Adopts arent allowed. Unless is a COLLABORATION to MAKE an adopt. Dont try to adopt/sell here. Free group. If it requires/asks for money or points, it will be removed..
~ The Featured Folder is for staff picks. We choose the collabs we like most and feature them there.



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Mature Content

Ahegao face by Khov97
OPEN Projects, Base, and Doll Collabs
i could run circles around you! open collab base by Rosieglaze57
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Halloween Collab


Group Info

A group for anyone who wants a free collab! Members may post sketches or lineart in hopes that others might finish it up for them~!
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 8, 2010


Group Focus

2,148 Members
1,703 Watchers
70,111 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews
Last call on collab submissions. So far Im seeing zero in the gallery. If you completed your part, link it below. Tomorrow the event will be over.


Its that time of year again CollabClub, so we are gonna do our Annual Halloween mass collab! Everyone in the group is free to join! Everyone does their own part and I put it all together in the end!

There will be no sign ups. Just let me know if you want to enter and do your part! :D

Heres some rules. Or Guidelines really.. ^_^

1. Can be any character you wish. You, OC, pre existing character from a show or whatever.
2. Must be wearing something other their normal attire. Costume, cosplay, Anything!
3. Bases are perfectly fine to use! Coloring must done yourself though.
4. Max of 4 characters per person please. :)
5. Must be a member of the group to participate. If youre not its totally worth joining! Best group ever!
6. Please have the background transparent or at least white. Any size is fine as well as long as its not massive or tiny. XD
7. Submit as either png. or SAI. Makes the process of putting them together easier. PSD. is also accepted.
8. Have fun!! Get creative!

Lineart is ok as well. This is for ANYONE, regardless of skill level and style, to join and have fun. I see to many collabs where participants are required to have a certain skill level or only do their part in pixels. This collab isnt like that at all I promise. Your part can be a stick figure in a tutu for all I care!! XD Have fun! Be creative!

Now that I established that bit... If anyone wants to collab together on a submission let me know . I understand a lot of ppl are more comfortable doing lineart while others coloring. Its is the Collab Club! Get together and collab!! :D Cant wait to see some of yall's submissions!!

Deadline: Oct 29th

Post you submission in the Halloween Collab folder! When everyone gets their submissions in by Oct 30th Ill put them ALL together into one Halloween Themed deviation for all to see on Halloween! Its gonna be awesome! :D

Any questions just ask! Im sure I might have missed something.. It happens.. >.>  
Anywho! Cant wait to see everyones awesome submissions!

- V

Previous Years Group Collabs
Happy Halloween 2016 from the CollabClub! by ViridiVulpes Happy Halloween! by ViridiVulpes Happy Halloween! from the Collab Club by ViridiVulpes Collab Club 1st Annual Halloween Collab by ViridiVulpes
First off, I would like to apologize for my extended absence.. Ive been dealing with a lot of overwhelming personal problems and I havent had the motivation or desire to even touch my computer....

BUT! Im back!

And with my return will be a few events coming up!

Right now we have the Halloween collab. Once again my apologies. It is a bit of short notice but I believe a month is plenty of time to whip something up.

Following the Halloween collab, Secret Santa Sign ups will begin Nov 1st - 15th. Then the event itself will run through to Dec. 24th.

After Secret Santa we MAY have a contest. Depending on participation of the previous events.

So we have a lot coming up so dont miss out!!

Any questions or event suggestions are welcome!

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I can line your sketch for free if you can watch me :-)
Even more if you can advertise my work Nod 
Send me note or reply here if you need help
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Hi!Dose anyone wanna do collab with me?Any skill level is cool yo!This is just for fun after all!(I use medibang paint and photoshop!)Emote| ...Where's the leak, maam? 
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Anyone want to collab ?
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